Sunday, December 20, 2009

blizzard of 2009

so yesterday we got some snow.

ok- that's an understatement.

we got A LOT of snow.

we lost count after 17 inches.

yesterday- I spent more time getting him dressed to go out in it- than he was actually out in it! today was a bit more of a success. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the snow wasn't coming down in gale, blinding force on him.

Verdicts on the Snow:
xixi= LOVED it!
Zach- well= the verdict was out until today when he realized how many snowballs he could make.

it's not going anywhere anytime soon- so it looks like we'll be out there again tomorrow!


Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

Zach is SO adorable!!! I loved seeing all these recent updates of how you all are doing. I'm finally getting caught up on blogs and it was such a delight to get caught up on yours!

Gretchen said...

Nice look to the blog!

Hope you had a great Christmas! That sure was a lot of snow!

Lesa said...

Hey there!!! Just found the new blog. I kept looking for an update under the other blog and didn't realize you had posted with a change of blogs.

How are things going?? We are fine accept for a darn cold that has gone through here.

Wendy loves her frame that Xi Xi did for her.

The kids sure are adorable together! Love Xmas photos of them.

Kerry Seip said...

My name is Kerry. My husband and I have two children adopted from China. Our daughter from Wuxi, Jiangsu and our son from Fuzhou, Fujian. We received a letter in the mail today addressed to us but had "Ross, Julie Blauwkamp" under the address. There is a letter and some pictures. It looks like it might be a letter from your son's orph. and/or foster family. The only words in English in the letter are "Maryland". I know how precious our children's past is so please contact me via email so I can get his letter to you! As much as I hoped it was for us...I want the right mama to have it! God had a reason that it came to us, but it is for you. Please email!

I clicked the "Email follow-up comments to..." box so you should be able to email back and keep our emails secure. You can also click on my name to take you to my blog...

Kerry Seip

Julie said...

hey kerri:
posted a message on your blog- hopefully you will get it- hope we can connect via email so we can exchange mail addresses- what a wonderful surprise to get a letter from our son's foster family!
thanks so much for finding me!

Lesa said...

Julie, any new updates on Zach and his surgery? What about the new one???