Sunday, December 20, 2009

blizzard of 2009

so yesterday we got some snow.

ok- that's an understatement.

we got A LOT of snow.

we lost count after 17 inches.

yesterday- I spent more time getting him dressed to go out in it- than he was actually out in it! today was a bit more of a success. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the snow wasn't coming down in gale, blinding force on him.

Verdicts on the Snow:
xixi= LOVED it!
Zach- well= the verdict was out until today when he realized how many snowballs he could make.

it's not going anywhere anytime soon- so it looks like we'll be out there again tomorrow!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

deck the halls...

been having fun around here getting ready for Christmas...

On Thursday we went to the Pizza Mall and visited Santa on thursday with our China friends from Baltimore- we did this last year too- cute pics! were hoping for a cute pic of the kiddos in their matching outfits...Zach took one look at the bearded old man and flipped out! we put him in the middle of XiXi and her 4 friends for one of the pics- pretty hilarious! They also have an amazing train display there every year! Zach was totally digging that!

XiXi's friends adore Zach- it's like he has 7 older lady friends who are at his beck and call! He just takes it all in stride!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Behold the Cookies and SNOW!!!

yesterday was one of those epic days...

I had about 15 McDaniel women over the bake and decorate Christmas cookies. I've been doing this almost every year I've been on staff- I've learned a few shortcuts over the years (like not rolling out and baking the cookies ahead of time, don't clean the house until AFTER everyone leaves b.c it'll get trashed with flour anyways!)

we had a blast- XiXi especially. she threw more than her fair share of flour at people, she caked it on the arms of one person, make designs with it on the backs of several shirts, and made a lot of "snow"! She also managed to talk one person into dressing up as Mary- complete withe baby Jesus in her tummy! too funny!

yesterday was also the first snow of the year- it was super fun getting zach out into the snow- I think the verdict is still out for him! XiXi loved crunching in it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Snapshots

Ok- so this is the most random post...a good picture of my crazy, random life right now.

) I started back to work this week- THANKFULLY- my job is REALLY flexible time wise- and with Zach being home I'm going from 20 hours/week to 10 hours/week for the time being. I LOVE my job- I work withe some of the greatest college students on the entire planet. Tonite is our last worship gathering of the semester and it always PUMPS me up! We will have 3 students sharing how Jesus has changed them- those stories NEVER get old. Here's the flyer for the event- we've been posting it as our FB profiles and all across campus. Good stuff!

2) URBANA is 25 days days away! I can't believe it! We have 23 McDaniel students attending. I'll be there doing prayer. I'm super pumped and super I don't know what about leaving the kids home for 5 days. Ah- the joys of my job!

3) I have my Christmas cards already- along with the stamps, return address labels, and our mini highlights sheet (who has time to read 2 pages of our life this year- really!). Last nite I went to my friend Jodie's house for a Christmas Card Party- got 73 of the 160 cards addressed- still not assembled. My goal is to get them out by Christmas!

4) Monday I walked into the living room to find XiXi putting one of my 5 pound free weights on Zach's legs. When I asked her why- she told me it was to keep him from moving too close to the TV.

Yesterday I saw XiXi laying on top of Zach in the living room. When I asked her why- she told me she didn't want him moving too close to the TV and obstructing her view.

Gotta give the girl points for creativity!

5) I'm having 20+ McDaniel women over on Saturday to make and decorate cookies. Taking wagers on how much flour will be thrown this year. At least they are super sweet and clean up after themselves! tee hee hee!

that's it for now!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Weeks and Two Days later...

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. The last few weeks feel like a blur. This post is a bit long...hang in there!

We arrived home at 2:00 AM on November 8th- after traveling/flying for over 30 hours. Everyone adjusted well to EST except for me- it took me 10 days to get over the time zone change.

Zach is adjusting well. He loves exploring the house and the neighborhood. He loves playing with all of his new cars and trucks and legos. He loves trying to ride XiXi's big wheel. He loves chasing XiXi around. He loves scribbling on his art pad. He loves to laugh and smile.

the verdict is still out on the dog! he is slowly warming up to our furry canine friend- Xavier! :-)

XiXi is also adjusting to being a big sister and having to share the love and attention with someone else after being the sole recipient for the last 4.5 years. She has grown up so much since we flew out of Reagan on October 20. Much more confident, independent and nurturing. It was so much fun seeing China through her eyes. She just LOVED her time there! She talks about it all the time!

I'm adjusting to being a mom of two. We are so grateful to our wonderful friends at our amazing church who brought us meals the first few weeks we were back. We continue to be amazed at the ways God provides for us and these meals were such a tangible measure of that!

We were able to go to South Carolina for a quick trip for Thanksgiving. It was great seeing my parents my sisters, brother-in-law, and niece. Zach and Helen totally hit it off. I loved watching them play together!

At one point during- Helen came up to Zach and took a toy from him and he just looked at her and yelled, "MEI MEI!" (little sister) and started laughing. Mei Mei it is for Helen!

It was also fun to see Zach follow Ayi Jennie around again. His face just lit up when he saw her.

He loved getting to know his Lao Lao and Pop Pop- he would just smile and laugh everytime he saw them!

According to the doctors- Zach is in great health! 50% height and weight- on target for gross and find motor skills.

We had our first visit to the Hopkins Cleft Clinic last week. They are very optimistic about the palate repair and said they can do a great lip revision in the future as well. We are waiting to get scheduled for his palate surgery- it will probably be sometime in late January/early February.

So- yeah- we have a lot of be thankful to God for...a smooth and safe trip to and from China, Zach is adjusting well to our family (especially to MaMa after not wanting much to do with me in China!), our family is adjusting well to Zach.

Matching Christmas outfits courtesy of Lao Lao!

Belly Laughing on the Floor

What a difference 5 weeks makes!

Zach was not thrilled with XiXi's cuddling!

XiXi sure loves her DiDi!

Zach and his tractor! (this was Ross' when he was a kid!)

Cousins hanging out in their matching Oscar the Grouch shirts (in honor of Uncle Bo!)

Zach and Helen hitting it off!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet Zach and follow us on our journey!

yes- it's been almost a year since I posted!

so- most of you blog readers know that we are going to China to adopt a little brother for XiXi! We are so pumped and can't wait!

we're just created a new blog documenting our journey and would love to have you follow us on our amazing journey to China to get Zach!

if you'd like to follow us- you can click here

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Madame Butterfly

Halloween came and went. XiXi wanted to be an azure butterfly and she wanted me to be a butterfly too!

I was on a quest- make a butterfly costume.

Saw a video clip on Martha

it looked SOOOO easy and doable.

Martha Stewart lies.

I spent days trying to figure out how to make the wire work with the panty hose. no luck. the best I could do was make the wings look like dragonflies. maybe. that would be a stretch.

the wings on Martha's video are fake. at least I think so!

anyway- glitter pant, gems, and lots of pretties later (all added by XiXi) we had a costume.

Assessorized with the help of matching black velvet dresses found on Ebay, 2 head bands, 4 pom-poms, and 4 pipe cleaner.

Ross completed the look by being an entymologist (which he made XiXi learn so she could sound smart!).

we were off on the quest for candy!

the wings didn't look THAT bad!

especially in light of the fake ones on martha's site!